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14 September Hindi Diwas – History, Importance, Ideas And Reason For Celebration

14 September Hindi Diwas
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Hindi Diwas is the national Hindi day that marks the adoption of Hindi as the official language. In short, Hindi Diwas is the national Hindi day which celebrates the adoption of Hindi as the official language by the Constituent Assembly on September 14, 1949. But when is Hindi Diwas celebrated? What is the need to celebrate Hindi Diwas? Before you make a picture of Hindi Diwas in your mind, let us share the exact meaning behind it. By the end of this article you will know about the 14 September Hindi Diwas, when was the first Hindi Diwas, and Hindi Diwas activities ideas.

Hindi Diwas

When Is Hindi Diwas Celebrated?

Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on September 14. The decision to celebrate on this day was made by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of our country. The decision was authorised on January 26, 1950, when the Constitution of India came into force. 

Now you know when is Hindi Diwas celebrated and why 14 September Hindi Diwas is a day celebrated by all.

History of Hindi Diwas

The diverse languages in India posed a problem when it came to choosing a language that could represent the entire country. Mahatma Gandhi and several other significant persons wished to make Hindi the national language but it was impossible to ignore the other significant languages spoken in India and as a result, Hindi has been named the Official language of India. To this day, the Indian Constitution does not recognize any other language as the national language of India.

First Hindi Diwas

The first Hindi Diwas was celebrated on September 14, 1953.

Why Hindi Diwas Is Celebrated On 14 September?

Celebrated on 14 September Hindi Diwas in addition to emphasising the value and importance of the Hindi language marks the birth anniversary of Rajendra Singh who played an immense role in making Hindi the official language. That makes 14 September Hindi Diwas more meaningful. 

Difference Between World Hindi Day and Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas is the national Hindi day celebrated to mark the adoption of Hindi as the official language while World Hindi Day is celebrated to promote the Hindi language worldwide.

The first Hindi Day was celebrated in 2006 under the rule of the then Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh.

Importance of Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas serves to remind the people of the value of the Hindi language. Since the first Hindi Diwas, the day is celebrated in an effort to abolish the trend of looking down on people who speak in Hindi and not English. It is necessary to remember that speaking in one’s mother tongue is not something to be embarrassed about. 

14 September Hindi Diwas activities ideas

Have you been racking your brain to come up with Hindi Diwas activities ideas? Well here are some ideas to help you: 

  • Singing, 
  • Skit/drama, 
  • Essay writing and 
  • Debates. 

There is nothing like a good debate to fire up your brain and this in turn will help flaunt one’s fluency in Hindi. Now you know how to start your Hindi Diwas activities ideas brainstorming.

Hindi Diwas Theme And Events

The theme of Hindi Diwas 2022 is to present the ‘Bhasha Samman Award’. On this day the writers, authors and other literary mammoths are awarded for their indispensable contributions to the Hindi language. Acclaimed authors who write in other languages are also recognized on this day.

Hindi Diwas is celebrated all week long as ‘Rajbhasha Week’. The government offices conduct various events such as debates, slogan writing and essay writing to promote the language.

Be proud of your mother tongue and do not hesitate to help promote it. No language is perfect and as such one language can’t be claimed to be better than the other. Do not provide others with a chance to degrade your language.

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