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2 Sacrilege Attempts In Punjab Causes Severe Communal Tension

sacrilege in punjab
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A man was beaten up in the Golden Temple of Punjab during a religious service. The attempt has been that of sacrilege. The Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi visited the Golden Temple after this incident. The chief minister has requested all the people of the state to be more respectful of the needs of the community. He has urged the people to keep up their feeling of harmony in the given times. The religious sentiments of the people must be protected at all religious centers. Nothing should be done in the state which can help to flame the fires of communal harm. Another sacrilege attempt was also made by another man on Sunday. These sacrilege attempts in Punjab have been a very saddening event.

Sacrilege Attempts In Punjab

Punjab CM Charanjit Channi has mentioned that the sacrilege attempt in Punjab has been due to some of the enemy causes within the state. He has also stressed the point that the state assembly elections are right around the corner. 

The polls of the state will be decided during the next week. It might be the attempt of some of the political parties to create tensions among the communities of Punjab. Channi has also mentioned that this might not be the act of any communal party but rather a political party bent on creating tensions.

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Special Investigation Team Designed

The chief minister has repeated that he is deeply hurt by these sacrilege attempts in Punjab which has always been one of the places filled with communal harmony. He has stated if someone has come to the state with any kind of wrong intentions, the person will be punished severely. 

The intelligence of the state will go deep into the matter and find the culprits of the event. Cases have also been registered in order to find the person who had made the attempt of sacrilege. A special team of investigators has been appointed in order to find out the actual culprit in this matter.

Who Might Have Done It?

The sacrilege attempts in Punjab have been quite harmful. These are the times when the faith of human beings is tested against all odds. Who do you think might be behind this act? Let us know in the comment section!

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