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Afghan Takeover By Taliban Forces

Taliban forces
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Highlights :

  • The Taliban forces came closer to Kabul with each victory.
  • There were about 200,000 fighters in this radical Islamist group.
  • The Taliban has promised elections and fair ruling in Afghanistan.

The Taliban forces had moved a lot closer to the borders of Kabul and this was already a sign of warning for most of the official military forces. Most of the major cities of Afghanistan were already captured by Taliban forces by the evening of Sunday, and only Kabul was left for them to take over and declare their rule. The Afghan takeover by Taliban forces is indeed concerning for the entire world.

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Afghan Takeover In Gradual Steps

The forces had taken over Jalalabad and there was nothing that could stop them from entering Kabul. The social media accounts which supported Taliban forces made regular posts about the fighters closing in on Kabul, and also stated that soon, victory will be theirs. This had already been an omen of the Afghan takeover by these radical forces. The complete capture has now come to fruition.

History Of Taliban

People often shudder at the name of Taliban forces because this radical group believes in the dangerous concept of “Islamic superiority”. The entire cult is focused on the development and propagation of a radical Islamic view, and they have also been accused of funding a number of terrorist organizations all over the world. The group has regularly waged war in Afghanistan, asking for complete control of the country.

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The forces have promised to bring back safety and peace in Afghanistan from the military groups of the country and America. It seems that their aim of taking over Afghanistan has finally come true. There is an unofficial estimate that Taliban forces have over 200,000 fighters. They have often organized attacks in order to proclaim their supremacy in the country. Many journalists are hesitant and apprehensive about going to the Taliban captured areas for news coverage due to the fear for their lives. Recently, Indian journalist Danish Sidiqque had been killed in the crossfire between Taliban forces and the Afghan government.

What Might Happen?

What do you think about the Afghan takeover by the Taliban forces? Do you think that they will keep the promises they had made? Let us know your views in the comment section below. 

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