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Afghanistan Crisis Deepens With Segregation Of Women In Colleges

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  • The Afghanistan crisis has deepened with the oppression of women in the educational field
  • Women will be segregated from male students while attending classes in the universities
  • The country has prohibited the use of foreign currency in any of the banks.

It seems that the issues in the Afghanistan crisis are not reducing at any scale. There have been some recent photographs that showed women students rallying against the Taliban rule in the country. There have been several groups that are already taking a stand in the nation. The banks are asked to deal with local currency only in order to improve the state of the economy of the nation. The scarce US dollars are being preserved at all costs within the nation. Amidst all these issues, the condition of women has already deteriorated.

Worsening State Of Afghanistan Crisis

Women have already been asked not to show any part of their body when they go out of their houses, and to wear the burqa at all times. It is expected that there will be some restrictions soon which will not allow the women to go out of their homes without being accompanied by any male family member. These issues had arisen in the Afghanistan crisis when the Taliban had taken over the nation 20 years ago. Most of the people who had to stay back in the country are quite terrified that the same regime is going to come back soon.

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Women Segregated From Men In Universities

As for now, the Taliban forces have announced that women might be allowed to attend their classes in the universities and colleges but their classes will be segregated from those of men. The women students have to cover up their entire bodies if they wish to get into the classes in their respective universities. It is expected that there will be rules imposed on the teaching methodologies where a male professor will no longer be allowed to teach female students. None of these laws have been enforced till now, but it is expected that they will be pushed quite soon.

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What do you think about the worsening Afghanistan crisis? Do you think that the efforts of the students to thwart the fundamentalist rule will help? Let us know what you think about the worsening situation in Afghanistan in the comment section below.

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