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Aged 84, Stan Swamy Dies In Custody Under The UAPA Act

Stan Swamy
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  • One of India’s oldest social activists, Father Stan Swamy, died in the hospital without receiving bail at 84 years of age
  • Father Stan Swamy was known for his work with the tribal communities in Jharkhand
  • Court refused to grant bail to Stan Swamy even as his health deteriorated in jail.

Indian democracy has seen a new change in the course of events from the last few years when the government began arresting people based on the UAPA Act. Some of the activists have called this act similar to the Rowlatt Act which was passed during British rule. It is believed that the same law took away the life of a revered and veteran social activist. Father Stan Swamy, an 84-year-old activist, and Catholic priest died due to a lack of timely treatment during his time in jail.

Life And Work Of Father Stan Swamy

Father Stan Swamy was known for his service to the common and indigenous tribes of the East Indian areas, specifically in Jharkhand. He educated the masses about their rights and helped them to retrieve what they deserve from society. It was alleged by the government that he was a part of the Bhima Koregaon incident and that he conspired against the government. Under the draconian UAPA act, the humanitarian priest was arrested with no scope of bail, along with other aged activists like poet Varavara Rao.

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Situations Faced By The Priest In Jail

Swamy was a patient of Parkinson’s disorder. Despite repeated requests from his lawyer to release the elderly man on bail for medical purposes, the court denied it. He had contracted Covid-19 in jail last month and even then, he was not released on pre-trial bail. It was also informed by his lawyers that the veteran activist was not even given a sipper or straw to drink water from in the jail.

Finally, as Stan Swamy’s situation got worse, the court allowed him to move to the hospital. The court hearing was also scheduled on emergency grounds. At 1:30 pm on 5th July, it was announced by his lawyer that Father had passed away from a cardiac arrest. As expected, the country broke out in protests and anguish at the death of the 84-year-old activist. Most students referred to it as “Murder by State Machinery!” on social media platforms.

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Should This Have Happened?

Do you think that an 84-year-old man suffering from severe Parkinson’s syndrome was such a threat to the state that he could not even be provided bail on medical grounds? Let us know your views on Father Stan Swamy in the comment section.

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