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Allegations Against Students Celebrating CDS Rawat Death In College

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The death of CDS Rawat has shaken the entire nation to its core. The entire nation had been in the shadow of grief over the past few days. News has been received that after CDS Rawat death, some students of Tamil Nadu have celebrated. The news has come across as a shock and allegations have been placed against these students by the authorities of their educational institutes. 

It has been seen in a video that the college students are enjoying a party within the campus on hearing the news of the deaths of CDS Rawat and his wife, Madhulika along with 12 others.

Reaction On CDS Rawat Death

The reaction to CDS Rawat death is quite surprising. The college students have mentioned that the video has been fabricated to some extent. They have mentioned that it was a party of different times. However, there has been some news about certain groups of activists rejoicing the death of CDS Rawat because of some of the controversial steps that he had taken during his tenure in Kashmir. 

This has again forged a huge amount of controversy within the nation about the political stands taken by the students.

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Controversies of CDS Rawat

The event which has caused such a huge amount of hatred for CDS Rawat is his use of human shields in Jammu and Kashmir. CDS Rawat had promoted the use of human shields in Kashmir so that the local people could not take their demonstration into a violent phase by pelting stones at the police and armed forces. This act had been criticized by many of the groups who work on human rights. 

Even after General’s death, many people are not able to forget the simple gruesome decision of using a human shield. Although the students have mentioned that the video has been tampered with, it cannot be denied that several people of the nation have mixed reactions about the death of Bipin Rawat.

What Is Your Opinion?

Do you think that the CDS Rawat death should be considered as a conspiracy or a point of victory by anyone? Let us know about your views in the comment section given below.

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