kerala covid cases reduced

Are The Active covid cases in Kerala Reducing?

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  • The total number of covid cases in Kerala sees a slight decline with time.
  • There had been 123 deaths on 13th October and 106 deaths on 12 October.
  • The conditions seem to improve and remain stable in Maharashtra and Delhi.

The number of active covid cases in Kerala has declined quite a lot over the past few days. The figure has just dropped below one lakh. The figure is higher than it had been during the period of the second wave. There is tremendous pressure on the state health ministry because of this huge caseload. The state had reported 11,079 cases on 13th October and 7,823 new cases on 12 October. There had been 123 deaths on the same day as well.

The caseload as of now is limited to 48,20,698 and the fatalities have extended to 26,571. The official press release has declared this information as for now. This is quite a strange and difficult condition for Kerala at the moment.

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Present State Of Covid Cases In Kerala

More than 12,490 people have also recovered from the virus as of 11th October. The rate of recovery is quite good for the state as of now. The health officials are able to bring down the rates of infection to a certain extent within the premises of the state. However, the total number of caseloads is decreasing slowly and this has led to a bulk of cases in governmental hospitals. The vaccination drive is also disrupted with the total number of covid cases in Kerala. Thrissur has recorded the highest number of cases in the state as of now. 14 districts have contributed to the most cases.

Conditions In Maharashtra And Delhi

Out of the new cases which have been reported, 53 of them were health workers. This has rung a few more bells of alarm as there will be lesser people on the field for work in this case. The same scenario has been avoided quite skilfully in places like Maharashtra and Delhi. The total number of cases in both of these places has been brought under control. Delhi has done a much better job of controlling the total number of cases.

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Do you think that the covid cases in Kerala will be seeing even more rise in the times that come along? How have the other states brought the rate of infection under control? Let us know your views!

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