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Consumption of beer in Navratri, Is it really prohibited?

beer during navratri
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The nine-day festival of Navratri is an auspicious celebration of divine feminity. On each of the nine-day, saints concentrate on the nine elementary chakras in our body and worship nine different goddesses, all of which are different forms of Durga. Devotees even keep a fast during all of these nine days due to their beliefs. According to Hindu beliefs, the consumption of any form of alcohol on Navratri or any other festival is a sin and is prohibited. All these prohibitions which are done for belief and tradition actually lead to the detoxification of our bodies.

Why is the consumption of beer in Navratri is prohibited?

One might wonder why drinking alcohol in Navratri is not allowed and is considered to be a sin? Some people think it to be a baseless tradition being followed for ages. However, here is the reason behind it:

.Alcohol and other food items like onion and garlic come under the category of Tamasic foods. Tamasic foods are considered to be the unhealthiest of foods. They produce a great amount of heat in the body, which results in a lack of concentration and focus. Furthermore, it increases anxiety causing hormones.

Anciently, Navrati was celebrated by meditating on the different chakras in our bodies. Prayers and meditations that are done after eating Tamasic foods are considered to be ineffective as they are done without any concentration and focus. Thus, Tamasic foods including alcohol are prohibited during any major religious day when people are supposed to gather all their energies, pray and meditate. 

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Can I drink beer During Navratri?

The consumption of beer or any other beverage during a festival is a matter of personal belief and choice. If you genuinely believe that not drinking alcoholic beverages for these nine days will help you to gain some spiritual benefits or blessing from the Goddess then you should definitely give up alcohol. However, if you don’t have a firm belief in these spiritual sayings and consider it to be a boundation, then you should not give up alcohol. Taking such decisions is a matter of your beliefs, you should not get influenced by society’s norms while taking such decisions.

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Whether or not you drink beer in Navratri, make sure to pray to the goddess with all your devotion and beliefs. Wishing you a shubh Navratri!

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