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Cost Of Chenab Bridge – World’s Highest Railway Bridge

cost of chenab bridge
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Indian Railways is about to see another technical marvel with the start of the world’s tallest Railway Arch Bridge! The construction of the world’s tallest Railway Arch Bridge, which spans the Chenab river is now completed. When the project finished, the 1,315-meter-long bridge across the Chenab river was 359 meters above the riverbed’s level, making it the world’s tallest railway bridge. The Railway Ministry recently updated its Twitter followers on the development of the Arch Bridge. In this article, we will discuss the features, installation, and cost of Chenab Bridge. The rail traffic is expected to open in December 2022.

Cost Of Chenab Bridge

The completion of the steel arch of the bridge, which was amongst the most challenging components of the bridge across the Chenab, marked a key construction milestone for the national transporter last year, according to the Railway Ministry. 

According to the government, it is the largest civil-engineering difficulty encountered by any Indian Railways project in recent history. The last 5.6-meter piece of metal was installed at the bridge’s highest point, connecting the two arch arms that reach towards each other from both river banks, completing the arch shape. The total building cost of the Chenab bridge was approximately Rs. 1,486 crore.

Features Of The Bridge

The Chenab Bridge arch has the following notable features:

  1. The bridge was built as part of the USBRL project to connect the Kashmir valley with the rest of the nation.
  2. The Eiffel Tower is claimed to be 35 meters shorter than this railway bridge arch.
  3. The bridge’s construction required the manufacturing of 28,660 MT of steel, 66,000 Cum Concrete, 15 Lakh Cum Earthwork, and 26 km of motorable roadways.
  4. Steel boxes make up the bridge arch. Concrete is believed to be put in Arch’s boxes to increase stability.
  5. The weight of the bridge arch is 10,619 million tonnes.
  6. The components of the arch were erected using overhead cable cranes for the first time in Indian Railways history.
  7. The structural detailing was completed with the help of the Tekla program.
features of chenab bridge

More About The Bridge

The arch of the world’s highest railway bridge, which rises 359 meters over the Chenab river’s bed in Jammu and Kashmir, was finished on Monday, with the Northern Railways hailing the accomplishment as a watershed moment. The cost of the Chenab Bridge is definitely worth the finished product.

The 1.3-kilometer-long bridge, which is part of the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Railway Link (USBRL) project, was built at a cost of Rs 1,486 crore to improve connectivity in the Kashmir Valley.

arch of chenab bridge

What The Officials Are Have To Say

  • Officials expected the bridge, which is 35 meters taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to be completed within a year, which is completed now.
  • They said that the arch is made up of steel boxes that will be filled with concrete to increase stability, while the arch’s current stay cables will be removed. According to them, the arch’s entire weight is 10,619 metric tonnes, and Indian Railways used overhead cable cranes for the very first time to construct the arch.
  • According to Ashutosh Gangal, the general manager of Northern Railways, what takes 12 hours by road (Katra-Banihal) would take almost half the time by the bridge now.
  • The cost of the Chenab Bridge / the Kashmir railway bridge is approximately 1,486 crore.

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When it comes to safety precautions, Gangal says the bridge was developed with Defense Research and Development in mind. He claims that this is the country’s first design of its kind and that it can operate at a limited speed of 30-kmph when one pier or trestle is removed. The bridge is built to resist strong wind rates of up to 266 km/h and high-intensity earthquake effects. The Indian Railways deployed phased array ultrasonic equipment for the first time and constructed a NABL-accredited lab for weld testing at the site, he added.

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