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Covid Precaution Dose For 18+: All You Need To Know About Booster Dose

Covid precaution dose for 18+
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In order to gain immunity against the disease, scientists and experts with their tireless efforts designed Covid vaccines for the entire population! This article will share everything about the Covid precaution dose for 18+ population and rules and regulations regarding the booster vaccination!

Covid Precaution Dose For 18+ Age

The year 2020 was a year of emotional and physical stress for the global population! Covid did hit the globe at a time when nobody was immune to the disease! As a result, a large number of people lost their lives! But, it’s been more than a year since the population was vaccinated against the disease! According to reports, after a certain time period, the regular vaccines lose their efficacy to protect the host against the disease! Thus, booster doses are required to boost up the action of the pre-injected vaccines! 

What Did The Union Ministry Say About Covid Precaution Dose For 18+? 

The Union Health Ministry on Friday, 8th April 2022 announced that all those individuals aged above 18+, who have successfully completed 9 months after their second dose of vaccination are eligible for the Covid booster dose for 18+. The booster dose for the 18+ groups will only be available from 10th April only in private hospitals. However, the cost-free vaccination for first and second doses will continue at government hospitals! 

Earlier, the booster dose was only available for the senior citizens aged above 60 years, the front line workers, and the healthcare persons! But, in order to increase protection against the disease, The Union Health Ministry decided to provide booster doses to the adult group as well. 

Who Are Eligible For The Covid Precaution Dose For 18+? 

Are all above the 18 years eligible for the Covid booster dose for 18+? Or are there any eligibility criteria for the same? 

According to the Union Health Ministry, the person must complete their second dose of Covid vaccination. Additionally, they must have completed nine months after their second dose! Only those people who have fulfilled these two criteria are eligible for the booster dose! 

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Rules And Regulations To Be Followed 

The Covid precaution dose for 18+ is only available at the private vaccination centers and not the government ones. The Government is giving free precaution doses to the healthcare persons, the front line workers, and the senior populations! But, the people aged above 18 years and below 60 years, excluding the healthcare and front line workers, will have to pay a minimum fee to avail of the booster dose! 

But, it is a pleasure to announce that the prices of both vaccines have been reduced to 225 rupees! Earlier, the price of Covishield was 600 rupees and that of Covaxin was 1200 rupees per dose. Thankfully, the prices have been reduced to 225 rupees now, so that it becomes affordable to all economic groups. 

Additionally, the private vaccination centers can charge an extra fee of a maximum of 150 rupees as a service charge from the person availing of the vaccination! It must be remembered that the vaccine should match the regular vaccine! If anybody has received Covaxin as their primary vaccination, they should receive a Covaxin booster dose and not the Covishield one! 

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Is Re-Registration Required? 

While many think that re-registration is needed for the Covid precaution dose for 18+, The Government said that re-registration is not required as the people are already registered via the CoWin website during their preliminary doses! 

Additionally, for the booster doses, online and offline appointments will be available. It is also to be kept in mind that one must carry their preliminary Covid vaccination certificates to avoid any hassle! Moreover, the vaccine can be availed in any district or state, but the account for the appointment procedure should be the same as the previous vaccinations! 


The Government is hopeful that the Covid booster dose for 18+ will help to enhance the performance of the primary vaccines by re-activating memory immunity against the Covid virus! 

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