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Current AQI Delhi Dips – How To Minimise Delhi Pollution Level And Cause Of Air Pollution In Delhi 

current AQI Delhi
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Air pollution has been a matter of concern for years now. In India, one specific city that has been plagued by the negative consequences of such a tragedy is Delhi. As per WHO research of 1,650 global cities and a survey of 7,000 global cities, which was conducted by the US-based Health Effects Institute in August 2022, the current AQI Delhi and Delhi pollution levels are the worst among any large cities in the entire globe. But, what are the Delhi pollution reasons? Above all, what is saddening is that the areas around Delhi are also severely impacted. Therefore, the cause of air pollution in Delhi has been a matter of considerable discussion, deliberations, and contention. 

Measures have been taken to ensure safeguard policies. The changes are yet to be observed. 

Recently, however, it has been reported that after the polluted air in the nation’s capital has shown slight signs of improvement, the federal organisation that proposes activities to combat Delhi’s severe air pollution relaxed several prohibitions.

Delhi Pollution Level Dips — Current AQI Delhi

Several reports claim that Delhi now permits the admission of diesel-powered vehicles. They were prohibited in accordance with GRAP level 4, the strictest level, which dictates what should be done in the event that the city’s air quality further deteriorates. The current AQI Delhi showed a dip, standing at 333 – a number that is representative of 111 Air Quality Points in the Air Quality Index. 

This is remarkable as it falls below the need of calling for GRAP-4 — or the strictest prohibitions enforced in Delhi. This is, however, the current AQI Delhi is not a matter of celebration. 

Regardless of the dip in Delhi pollution level, the air quality is deemed extremely poor and if exposed to such air for longer periods of time, one may experience respiratory troubles. Therefore, the situation has become anything but better. The only thing that has changed is the allowance for truck entry into the city. Additionally, the non-BS 6 diesel vehicle ban has been officially withdrawn. 

Restrictions Due To Increased Delhi Pollution Levels

The capital of Delhi due to the increased Delhi pollution level has been subjected to the following restrictions, both old and new: 

  • Aside from those transporting or doing critical services, no petrol engine truck will be permitted access into Delhi. 
  • Except for those transporting necessary goods or offering vital services, Delhi-registered diesel-powered heavy and medium cargo automobiles would not be licensed to run in Delhi.
  • All businesses using non-clean fuels will be closed.
  • Projects including motorways, roadways, overpasses, overhead bridges, electricity transmission, and pipelines are all included in the restriction on building and dismantling operations.
  • Therefore, certain Stage 4-GRAP Restrictions have been relaxed, whilst maintaining the imposition of many other regulations. 
Delhi pollution reasons
Image: Hindustan Times

Cause Of Air Pollution In Delhi

The following are the cause of air pollution in Delhi: 

  1. Vehicle emissions are a significant factor in Delhi’s rising air pollution.
  2. Ignition of crops by producers in the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh is the primary cause of air pollution in Delhi (21%). These two states and the capital are bordered by each other.
  3. The capital’s excessive population density is another cause of air pollution. 
  4. Air pollution from trash heaps and industrial emissions is also rising, adding to the smog in the atmosphere.

These were some of the most severe Delhi pollution reasons. 

Delhi Nearby Places With Pollution

Following are the nearby places to Delhi that are affected by the severe levels of air pollution: 

  • Sonipat, Haryana 
  • Faridabad, Haryana
  • Pitampura, Delhi
  • Alipur, Delhi
  • Defence Colony, Delhi, etc. 

Minimizing Delhi Pollution ReasonsWhat Can We Do

As citizens of India, the least we can do to help is abide by the prohibitions that are currently in place. Additionally, we can also aim for a sustainable coexistence that helps in putting a stop to the constant rise of air pollutants. We can take the following actions to minimize Delhi pollution reasons: 

  • Cut back on the number of car trips you make 
  • Make use of public transport
  • Reduce or stop using wood stoves and fireplaces
  • When looking to buy a car, choose the most eco-friendly, least polluting model, or even an electric vehicle with no emissions.


A slight dip in the pollution levels does not hold much hope for the future if a sustainable action is not taken by everyone involved. Additionally, despite the relaxation of several prohibitions, most of the restrictions are still in place and should be abided by. A collective effort needs to be taken to ensure a better quality of existence shared amongst all the citizens of the world. 

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