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Cyclone Tauktae Destroys The Set Of Ajay Devgan’s Upcoming Movie, Maidaan

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  • Storm Tauktae has damaged the set of Ajay Devgan’s Maidaan
  • Forty people were on the set during the storm 
  • Maidaan will not be released on the OTT platform as informed by the directors and producers. 

The entertainment world has already been greatly affected by the grasp of the covid-19 pandemic. Following the pandemic, the western coast of India has also been affected by the cyclone storm, Tauktae and, this has been one of the most devastating storms of the decade. Ajay Devgan’s Maidaan set has been greatly damaged due to this event. It is indeed a poor time for the entertainment industry!

Effect Of Tauktae On Maidaan’s Set

Storm Tauktae has been seen to have affected the states like Gujarat and Maharashtra more acutely. These places are also popular hubs for business and they have been used for the entertainment industry’s set locations very often. Due to the gusty winds and harmful rainfall in many areas, it has been seen that Ajay Devgan’s set of Maidaan has been damaged beyond repair. 

It is believed that as the storm passed through Maharashtra, the effect of the storm became even more prominent. There were 40 people on the set when the damage occurred but there has been no kind of casualty in the overall production. Although it is a sigh of relief that no one died due to this calamity, the financial loss for the production is quite exemplified. 

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Controversies On Maidaan

Recently, there has been a controversy about releasing Maidaan on the OTT platform. However, this rumor has been shushed by the producers and directors alike. Producer Boney Kapoor has stated that there has been no discussion with any of the pay-per-view platforms in regards to the release of this movie. He has also urged the viewers to avoid rumors at all costs. If the viewers have any questions about the release of the movie, they are requested to contact the movie authorities about it rather than spreading baseless rumors. 

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A Brief Introduction To Maidaan

Maidaan is helmed by the concept of a sports movie. It talks about the efforts of the legendary coach of Indian football. Ajay Devgan will be starring in the lead role and the movie will focus on the golden age of Indian football. This is an effort to rejuvenate the beauty of soccer and the desire to be successful in the field despite all hardships.

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