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Daily Cases In The UK Increasing At A Rapid Rate

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Daily cases in the UK are increasing at a very rapid rate and this has worried the authorities in every single corner. The UK health officials have released several notices in order to make sure that the people are taking the right amount of precautions. The number of cades has been rising quite rapidly and it has been stated that the Omicron Variant has turned out to be a major contagious medium in the nation. 

The United Kingdom has been the very first nation that has reported death by the Omicron Variant. If the nation is not able to control the spread of infection on an urgent basis, it will be responsible for the loss of several lives in the nation. 

Daily Cases In The UK Is Quite Concerning

Daily cases in the UK have reached about 78,610 infections as well. This is almost 10,000 cases more than the ones which have been reported in January. More than 11 million people have been found to be infected by the virus till now. 

The total population of the nation is 67 million people. This has turned out to be quite concerning for the nation and the surrounding nations as well. The newly transmissible virus has turned out to be quite contagious and it has about 30 mutations in the protein spikes.

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The Health Ministers Worried About Omicron Variant

The health minister has announced that the omicron variant has been one of the most significant threats that have been suffered by the country till now. This might be a more dangerous scenario than the first wave experienced in 2021. 

The Omicron variant has turned out to be dominant in the United Kingdom. The virus infection has been most prominent in London and Manchester as well. More than 10 people have been hospitalized for now. This is quite worrying for most people.

Will It Improve?

Do you think that the daily cases in the UK will reduce at any moment? What might be the impact of this rise in the nation? Let us know in the comment section given below. 

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