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Death Of General Bipin Rawat And Its Aftermath In The Nation

CDS General Bipin Rawat
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The mortal remains of CDS Bipin Rawat and his wife were kept at their homely residence before they were taken for cremation. A shadow of sadness has doused the entire nation and people mourned all over the country. There were people who gathered in front of the house of General Rawat and sang the chants of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and “General Rawat Amar Rahe”. All of these have proven that General Rawat had a very special place in the minds of the people of India. Several leaders all across the nation have expressed their regret over the death of Bipin Rawat.

Leaders Paying Respect To CDS Bipin Rawat

The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and BJP leader, Ravi Shankar Prasad were among the people who had paid their last respect to CDS Bipin Rawat at their residence. Even the leaders of the opposition parties have announced their regret over the death of General Rawat and his wife, Madhulika. The accident had been a terrible one and it is indeed very sad that India has lost one of its major gems in the Army. Former Defence Minister A K Antony has mentioned that it is indeed very sad that the accident took away the life of such a patriot of the nation.

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Controversies of CDS Bipin Rawat

General Rawat and his wife along with 11 other army personnel had met their death in this accident. General Rawat was filled up with controversies during his entire career. He had provoked the human rights authorities by using the human shield technique in Jammu and Kashmir. It was a poor move on the side of the army and General Rawat had continued to defend this act. He had also made some severe homophobic comments about the cadres in the Indian army. Along with this, he was also quite known for stating the uselessness of women in the Indian army.

What Do You Think?

General Bipin Rawat did have his faults. Even after these, he was one of the most celebrated soldiers of India. What were your sentiments when you came to know about his death? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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