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Delhi Government finally allows Alcohol Delivery through online sources

Delhi Government finally allows Alcohol Delivery through online sources
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  • Delhi Government finally allows the online delivery of alcohol for commoners 
  • The permission has been provided to those who have the L-13 Permit
  • Several other states have already allowed online delivery of liquor to certain areas. 

After the long spell of lockdown, Delhi Government has finally allowed people to order liquor through online delivery and mobile apps. The modes of work in the case of the online portal are not yet clear to the people who will be buying liquor after a dry spell. The holders of the L-13 Permit are allowed to deliver alcohol directly to people’s houses. Although the apps have not yet informed us anything about it, we might be able to provide some ideas about the alcohol delivery system in Delhi. 

Measures In Other States

Last year, during the lockdown, states like Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Odisha allowed the online delivery of liquor with the help of franchises like Zomato, Amazon, Swiggy, and Bigbasket. 

Delhi Government Finally Allows Alcohol Delivery Through Online Sources
Delhi Government Finally Allows Alcohol Delivery Through Online Sources

Verification Of Alcohol Delivery Process

It is still not clear how an online platform will verify ages because it is naturally easier to hide your age online. It is expected that the sites will ask for identification when dropping off the liquor at the required places. In some states, people have to earn a permit to place orders for liquor. A few state governments allowed home deliveries of alcohol during this period but were strictly forbidden to carry these to institutions, hostels, and offices. Till now, the capital city of India did not allow online alcohol delivery because of the poor culture this promotes.

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Prevalence Since Lockdown

Ever since the lockdown had been announced all over the country in 2020, the demand for online delivery of alcohol has increased. Most people have resorted to the use of online shopping for every requirement of their life. Why not liquor, then? The Supreme Court had allowed for alcohol delivery from May 2020. Most states have designed apps that can help the inhabitants to order liquor from online sources. Some have created collaborations with the existing delivery parties. 

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Alcohol delivery might not be good precedence to set in a country with so many alcohol-based crimes. However, as time changes, we have to accept these changes for the needs of the mass population in the country!

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