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Development Of Central Vista Metro Line With DMRC

central vista metro line | Trending Reader
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The Central Vista Metro Line has been sanctioned with the help of the Delhi metro rail corporation. A memorandum has been signed to carry out the technical and electrical works which are related to the building of the metro line. DMRC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the government for the process of attestation. 

Central Vista metro line | Trending Reader

The project is to be conducted in such a manner that the common metro line will be added with the Central Vista line. This will ensure that the people who will be working in Central Vista will be able to commute properly and easily through the messy roads of Delhi and its traffic. It is an endeavor that is to be quite proud of and will be written down as a major achievement for DMRC. 

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Central Vista Metro Line Connecting Buildings

Central Vista Metro line will be in a loop that will help to connect four secretariat buildings. The planning has been made so that 20,000 people can travel at the same time. This has been done to carry out the work in Central Vista without any kind of hassle in between. The corridor will be made underground and it will make sure that the peak hours are well acquainted with the amount of crowd that might need to travel. 

Some restrictions will also be placed on the metro line as of now. It will be made sure that the metro loop is available only for the people who are working in Central Vista. 

Handling With Competence

Central Vista Metro line will have some other designs and management which will be handled with the help of DMRC. Rolling stock and electrical lines will be handled with the competence of the DMRC. It is to be seen whether the project will be completed with the perfect combination of Central management and efficiency of DMRC!

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