Dream Comes True: Drag Race Between Two Flying Electric Cars

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Yes! You heard that right. We just had a drag race between flying electric cars in Australia. We are probably going to see these flying around. A startup, Airspeeder, will be starting a flying electric car racing series. The first drag race was successfully held in Southern Australia by the company. 

On June 17th, Airspeeder conducted its first flight test and was successful. They have now successfully pulled off a drag race and plan to proceed further with a flying car racing series.

History In Making

Alauda Aeronautics, the parent company of Airspeeder is known to be the engineering brain behind this race. The eVTOL “Speeders” will be participating in the flying car race. Matt Pearson, the founder and CEO of Airspeeder and Alauda, has said that they would soon make the history of motorsport and mobility with the first flying electric car. The future of us being able to see flying electric cars completely depends on this test drag-race. 

Piloted MK3 “Speeder” developed by Airspeeder will weigh around 220lb i.e., approximately 100kg and will come with an electric powertrain of 96kW that will help it reach a speed of 125 mph i.e., approximately 201 km/hr.

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Role Of Sporting Competition In Developing Flying Electric Cars

The organizer of the flying series has said that the purpose of this entire thing is to emphasize the philosophy that technical progress accelerates the best with sporting competitions. They also believe that this new sporting series will play the same role as the Formula One pioneers that happened a century ago which aided in the progress of technical development and built public acceptance for a mobility revolution.

Airspeeder is trying to position itself as a testing bed for technologies that will help boost the eVTOL sector. Flying taxi firm Volocoptor aims to start its services by 2023. The estimated valuation for the flying taxi market is expected to reach 6.63 billion by 2030. 

Airspeeder is trying to run a global piloted flying car racing series by 2023. It is the same year that flying taxi firms aim to fill the skies.

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Few Final Words

With all that being said, we can say that our anticipation and wait have finally come to an end. We will be seeing a sky filled with flying electric cars very soon. It is only a matter of time till the global launch and they are made available for the public as well.

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