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Evacuation From Kabul Airport Is Extremely Complex -Seen in Videos

kabul airport
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Highlights :

  • Videos and images show the complexity of evacuation from Kabul airport.
  • 13 US service members lost their lives in the explosion at Kabul airport.
  • The explosion has been carried out by suicide bombers of ISIS-K.

The situation in Kabul seems to deteriorate every day as the Taliban has taken over the nation. An explosion in the Kabul International airport killed over 13 US service members on Thursday. The authorities of the United States are trying their best to evacuate their citizens from Afghanistan. The authorities have also released a number of satellite images and other video footage, which have shown that the strategy for evacuation from Kabul airport is extremely complex. Several civilians have already lost their lives in Kabul and the government does not want to take any more chances.

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Death During Evacuation From Kabul Airport

The attack which took place in Kabul International airport was planned by ISIS-K. About 13 US service members were killed and 18 were severely injured in this explosion. The investigation team has been able to locate and identify the terrorists who have been associated with this attack.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby has announced that the ones who have been injured in the explosion are being treated for their injuries. Evacuation from Kabul airport might not be possible if these people are not completely healed. A number of Afghan citizens have also suffered in the attack on Kabul airport.

Death Of US Civilians And Afghans In Kabul Airport

According to the news which has been collected so far, the attack was carried out by ISIS-K, the sworn enemies of Taliban forces in Afghanistan. This is a concern for the entire world as the enemies of the Taliban group are now resorting to means like suicide bombing to get rid of them. This can be a very major threat to the native Afghans and people from other nations who are living in Kabul. The US troops are likely to fall victims to this entire scenario as well.

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The evacuation from Kabul airport will take a huge amount of effort as the Taliban forces have announced that they will not extend the deadline for evacuation.

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