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Extra Roof Space? Here’s How You Can Turn It into A Roof Terrace

Extra Roof Space? Here’s How You Can Turn It into A Roof Terrace
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Oh, how we love rooftop! It is a perfect place to unwind and relax and feel the breeze. Adding a roof terrace is like creating a great outdoor room, which is especially useful if you don’t have a beautiful backyard. But first, you need to assess the condition of the existing roof. You would be a lucky person if you got a rooftop. And now is the perfect time to turn it into a good roof terrace. Just splash it with style and design, then you can achieve a roof terrace just like what we see in movies.

Here are some facts on how to turn your extra roof space into an ultimate roof terrace.

  1. Live with Green

To create a peaceful roof terrace, plant vines, shrubs, and colourful flowers. Let them grow and let them do the beautification of your terrace. Moreover, plants need plenty of sunlight and plenty of soil and water to thrive on the roof terrace. Knowing that plants are on the rooftop, sunlight won’t be a problem. You just need to choose carefully containers that will not dry out the plants. Water them regularly to maintain their charm.

Extra Roof Space? Here’s How You Can Turn It Into A Roof Terrace
Extra Roof Space? Here’s How You Can Turn It Into A Roof Terrace

As for the greens, it is best to choose plant varieties that are resilient to lightweight containers and soil. Furthermore, large and thin plants such as vines and large ornamental lawns are very worthwhile because they take up very little floor space and provide a lot of greenery. Plants turn your roof terrace into a primitive, relaxing paradise. Wind-tolerant and sun-tolerant grasses, shrubs, lavender, boxwood, herbs, and even western gamblers and other plants are ideal for the environment.

  1. Use natural materials

The wall adjacent to the roof terrace supports the vines and sometimes provides a backdrop for outdoor wall art.

Extra Roof Space? Here’s How You Can Turn It Into A Roof Terrace
Use natural materials

To achieve this, you can use brick walls to install wooden screens and a set of carved wooden doors. This vertical feature increases the depth of the terrace without taking up floor space.

  1. Choose outdoor chairs

Install outdoor landscapes to extend your rooftop terrace fun. Whether your main purpose is to create an outdoor entertainment venue or a quiet and private leisure venue, you can design a roof terrace to support the required space usage. However, please consider installing built-in benches and seats on both sides and corners if you want to create more space through the roof terrace design. For maximum fun, you can imagine the empty space of this room.

Extra Roof Space? Here’s How You Can Turn It Into A Roof Terrace
Choose outdoor chairs

Therefore, install multiple seating areas for different purposes. The deck chair upstairs is ideal for relaxing alone, but three chairs can be used for small groups. Shop here for accent chairs UK. Additionally, organize outdoor furniture and avoid placing it in the corner of the terrace.

  1. Don’t forget lighting

Continue to create a cosy rooftop terrace by installing outdoor landscape lighting, or simply hang a lightbulb that can make your rooftop looks like a café night. You can use a combination of birch lamps to illuminate the seating area with a downward spotlight or use posts to brighten up the whole space. There can be a small light island for placing various light sources on the roof terrace. Placing a variety of light sources, including permanent outdoor lighting, flashlights, garlands, and even fireplaces, can add a unique charm to your roof terrace.

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  1. Complete it with simple add-ons

Spread colorful throw pillows or decorative cushions and lay outdoor carpets to soften the floor and make it look more attractive on roofs of any size. The informal environment encourages you and your family and friends to use the terrace as a summer resort or a cafe. Another add-on is rugs and carpets. Outdoor carpets create versatility and make the terrace look more organized. Therefore, outdoor rugs, cushions and blankets, and other items make your roof terrace very comfortable, and you can choose the color you like.

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Complete it with simple add-ons

Breathe fresh air in the concrete jungle and ensure that there is enough space to enjoy the panoramic view. Parks or office gardens are far from city life, comfortable and comfortable, but not like home.

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However, most lucky urban residents can use their own roof space. It seems to be just another monotonous concrete slab, but few homeowners who have a keen eye for design and desire to relax outdoors have successfully turned the roof into a perfect outdoor shelter.

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