Facebook Name Changes To Meta In A Vision To Make Metaverse

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  • Facebook Name has been changed to Meta by its CEO 
  • Mark Zuckerberg has informed this in a live streaming video all across the world 
  • The change of name is to create a virtual universe, termed from “Snow Crash.”

The Facebook name has stuck for so long that it might be tough to remember the alteration. There have been some rumors that the name of Facebook is going to change very recently. The rumors have come out to be true and it has been announced on 28th October 2021 that Facebook will no longer be called by its old name, it will rather be called Meta. 

The rebranding has been done in order to create a virtual environment that will later lead to the formation of a metaverse. This will be a great successor to the mobile universe. Some of the features will be changing in this as well. 

The Successor Idea Of Facebook Name

Most of the larger companies do not take the risk of rebranding as a brand is known by its popular name. The Facebook name has been known so widely across the world that it will indeed be difficult to replace it with Meta. The decision has been criticized by lawmakers and regulators all over the market. 

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There will be some string market decisions that have been related to algorithms. The policing of abuses on the new platform from the very scratch can be quite tough as well. This successor idea of Facebook might not be as it had been expected by the creators.

Criticism Of This Change

The change in the Facebook name has been presented by the CEO of Facebook, or rather Meta, Mark Zuckerberg. He has announced this change at the live conference which has been video streamed all across the world. The new name is simply its reflection of the desire to create a metaverse all around the world. 

The term “metaverse” has been coined from the dystopian novel “Snow Crash ”. The creation will be quite controversial as the story revolves around a virtual realm where people can access the network with the same device.

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How Effective Will It Be?

The Facebook name might stick for a few years more and it has entered into the colloquial terminology of the people. The term Meta will take several years to get established. Do you think that this endeavor will be successful on any scale? Let us know in detail. 

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