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Five-Member Farmers’ Panel Created To understand the needs of farmers

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The Union Home Minister Amit Shah has called for a truce with the farmers who had been protesting against the controversial farm laws at the Delhi borders for the last year. He has called upon the farmers to discuss the issues which are still remaining. The government has announced the establishment of a five-member farmers’ panel in order to make sure that the new agricultural laws are according to the needs of the farmers of the nation. 

This is a good step towards the understanding between the common people of the nation and the central government.

Five-Member Farmeras’ Panel Created

The farmers have announced that they will be continuing their protests in order to get the minimum supporting price or MSP for their crops and produce. In order to facilitate their demands, the central government has announced that the five-member farmers’ panel will serve as the spokesperson for the demands of the farmers.

There will be protests over the cases in which there had been charges against the protesters last year. All of these demands will be heard by the government with the help of the farmers in the panel. The farmers have already stated that they will be continuing their protests until all of their demands are fulfilled by the government.

Call Of The Central Government

According to one of the farmer leaders, Amit Shah had called up the leaders and stated that the government is quite serious about taking back the laws on the agricultural sector. They want to have a meeting with the farmers so that there is enough communication between the farmers and the government

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The committee will be reading out the grievances of the farmers to the central government. Compromises must be made on both sides and it must be made sure that none of the sides are suffering for the long term.

Will It Work?

The five-member farmers’ panel will help to bring some kind of compromise for the farmers of the nation. Do you think that this will come to aid the farmers? Let us know in the comment section given below! 

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