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Gujarat Screaming Its Win for BJP Yet Another Time

Gujarat Elections 2022
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Gujarat has always been a stronghold for the Bharatiya Janata Party as Narendra Modi himself belongs to this famous state. The party has never lost their hold over this particular state and the Assembly Elections of 2022 have proven this for the majority as well.

Not only did BJP manage to score their victory in this election but they have also created history by getting the highest number of seats. The increment in the vote share in this election has been quite astounding as well.

The match was clearly won by the sole influence of Narendra Modi. It is strange that the campaign which worked in Gujarat failed to gain acceptance in Delhi. Yet, It was a great win for the new members of the BJP.

Applause For The Party Members

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made sure that the people of his party are applauded for their perfect victory. He has said that this kind of historic win never happens without the hard work of the party members who had given their sole interest to the party.

These people are the true strength of the party and without them, it might not have been possible to claim such a huge win. He has further mentioned that he is grateful to the people of Gujarat who had kept their faith in him.

Bhupendra Patel Gaining Trust

CM Bhupendra Patel is all ready to complete his second term with BJP. Narendra Modi himself has said that he places his complete trust in the former chief minister and he hopes that Patel will be able to carry forward the seat with equal dignity and grace.

Patel has already organized a large gala swearing ceremony in order to celebrate his victory. This expected and yet, joyous victory has brought forward a good set of emotions for the BJP workers of Gujarat.

CM Bhupendra Patel

BJP’s Prowess In Gujarat

Why do you think Gujarat is always able to hold its place for BJP? We are interested in your comments in the section below.

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