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Guru Granth Sahib Books Flown In From Kabul With Indian Passengers

Guru Granth Sahib
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Highlights :

  • Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri received Guru Granth Sahib books at Delhi airport.
  • These were flown in from Kabul by the Indian Air force.
  • Taliban forces have started to destroy cultural symbols of all kinds.

As the Taliban forces have imposed their rules about different types of literature in Afghanistan, the Indian Air force has flown three Guru Granth Sahib books and Indian citizens back from Kabul. These were accompanied by the Afghan officials as well. They are mediating the issue of the alteration of different types of literary works and personnel transfer from Kabul to other countries. Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri was responsible for receiving the Guru Granth Sahib from the Delhi airport. He has informed that the books have been received safely.

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Union Minister Receives Guru Granth Sahib Books

The Union Minister has also tweeted a video of himself carrying copies of the Sikh holy book. He is seen to be carrying one of the copies of the book on his head with utmost reverence.

He was also chanting the holy phrase “Satnam Shri Waheguru” as he walked down the aerobridge barefoot. The Minister of State External Affairs V Muraleedharan accompanied him as well.

Destroying Culture In Afghanistan

The flight had 78 passengers out of which 25 were Indian citizens. Most of the countries are trying their best to rescue their people from the rocky terrain of Afghanistan because of the takeover by Taliban forces. Ever since the Taliban forces have taken over Afghanistan, no one actually feels safe in the nation. Taliban forces have strong sentiments against other religions and there have been efforts in the past to destroy all forms of art that belongs to other religions. The Guru Granth Sahib is very close to the heart of the Sikh community. It is for the best that the Indian government had taken efforts to salvage these books before the Taliban could destroy them forever.

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It has been seen that the Taliban forces are already closing the music schools of Afghanistan. All kinds of musical instruments are being destroyed. It had been expected as the Sharia law of Islam prohibits musical practice amongst muslims.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about the effort of the Indian government to bring back the Guru Granth Sahib books? Do you think that it was a maneuver to win over the Sikh community? Let us know your views in the comment section below. 

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