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How Proning Can Help Patients Suffering From Covid-19 Infections

Covid-19 infections
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  • For people suffering from covid 19 infections, proning can help them to get relief from reduced oxygen level 
  • Proning has already been used for ARDS or acute respiratory disease syndrome
  • To counter the lack of oxygen, there are some do’s and dont’s that needs to be taken care of.

When the nation is suffering from an acute lack of oxygen through every hospital, it has come to notice that a woman over 82 years of age has been able to control her breathing issues during covid 19 infections with the help of proning. Her oxygen levels came up quite successfully after practicing proning for a long time. Although it is an irony that an 82 years woman had to find her way out amidst the broken administrative structure which failed to provide her oxygen, nevertheless it is a win for many.

Indications Of Covid 19 Infections In 82 Years Woman

The woman is from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Her oldest son stated that they were scared when his mother’s oxygen stats were reducing to 79. There is a shortage of oxygen in UP. Even though the state is denying the need for any oxygen cylinder, this smart woman proved that one could survive without the help of oxygen cylinders as well. She performed proning, and her stats returned to normal quite soon. 

Proning Position

Proning is an exercise that can help the body to acquire more oxygen. Lying flat on your stomach and chest can help your body use the oxygen sucked in with the help of the nasal tract. The patients suffering from acute respiratory disease syndrome or ARDS have been using the method for a long time. Recently it has been seen to be helping in covid 19 infections as well. 

Proning Routine During The Times Of Covid 19 Infection

Following steps can be performed for 40 minutes only for proning. 

  • Lie on your belly. 
  • Lie on the right side of your body. 
  • Sit with the legs extender in front of you. 
  • Lie on your left side. 
  • Lie back on your belly. 

Do’s And Don’ts

  • Do not start proning after a heavy meal. 
  • Do not try to extend the period of proning more than thirty minutes. Do it only till you are comfortable. 
  • Avoid using pillows during proning in case of joint pain.

Who Should Avoid Proning

The following people must avoid proning for their other bodily conditions. 

  • Pregnant women. 
  • People suffering from venous thrombosis. 
  • People with cardiac problems. 
  • Unstable spinal issues.

Blaming the authorities at the moment will not bring back our family members. We have to take the best steps available at hand to save our near and dear ones. The pruning method had been proved to be successful for this family. Whenever you suspect that the oxygen levels of your body are going low, start the exercise. It can help to save the lives of yourself and your family from covid 19 infections.

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