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How Taimur Ali Khan, Aaradhaya Bachchan & Other Star Kids Celebrated Holi!

How Taimur Ali Khan, Aaradhaya Bachchan & Other Star Kids Celebrated Holi
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  • Taimur sporting a great white kurta for Holi
  • Aradhya Bachchan sports pink gulal on her little palms
  • Ananya Pandey throws back to her old friendship with Suhana Khan, daughter of SRK

Whether it be the star kids or your alley, there is nothing better than celebrating Holi with your family. Celebs might have a bit more on their plate as they have the paparazzi looking at them every moment. Even with these perils, the celebrities of Bollywood have spent a great time with their families as can be seen through the Instagram posts. What did they wear? Where were the star kids during Holi? Who was with them? Let us get to know about the entire saga for star kids Holi. 

Taimur Ali Khan

The grandson of Tiger Pataudi, Taimur, the apple of the eye for every paparazzi, was seen at his personal pool drenched in bright colors for this Holi. Kareena Kapur Khan posted the image of Taimur on her Instagram page.

Taimur Ali Khan

The new mother seemed to be reveling in the joy of her son playing Holi at home with his close cousins and loved ones. 

Aradhya Bachhan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan posted a picture of her daughter Aaradhya in front of the Holika fire at home. The pretty little star has sported a bright blue dress and has pink gulal on her palms.

Aradhya Bachhan

It is quite clear that Holi celebrations have been great for the Bachchan family, with colors and light alike. 

Nitara Kumar

Nitara Kumar, the daughter of Akshay Kumar has been seen in bright yellow colors on her face with her daddy. The bright yellow hues have added great beauty to the loving image of the father and daughter enjoying Holi. 

Nitara Kumar – star kids holi

Yash and Ruhi Johar

The twin kids of Karan Johar faced a great deal of hate throughout the year without any fault of theirs. Karan Johar finally posted an image of himself and his kids on Instagram where they are wearing matching white kurtas.

Yash and Ruhi Johar – Star Kids

They look adorable and even the trolls have lost their voice or hatred against these little angels. Looks like they have had their star kids Holi this year with their Papa. 

Mehr Dhupia

Mehr Dhupia, the daughter of Neha Dhupia seemed to be enjoying her Holi on the lap of her father. Neha Dhupia posted an adorable picture of the entire family coming together to celebrate the festival of colors. A stream of these images has also flooded Instagram. 

Mehr Dhupia

Ananya Pandey

The B town’s favorite actress, Ananya Pandey has shared a throwback image of herself with Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana when they were little kids. The image looks very cute and it shows that the girls had a great time when they were children.

Ananya Pandey- Star Kids


Is it not great for these budding stars to get to enjoy their own time with their families? Holi is all about spending time with their dearest families. Even with their busy schedules, Bollywood celebrities have found time to spend with their families! Let us take this as an example and be with our families at these special events!

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