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Incident In Nagaland Causes Severe Outrage In The Nation And Abroad

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There was a horrible incident in the Oting and Tiru district of Nagaland on 4th December. Some of the daily wage laborers were returning home from a coal mine on Saturday evening. All of them were in a pickup van and they had completed their work for the day. A police officer has verified this news. The Indian army mistook these laborers as terrorists and killed them. The incident in Nagaland has shot a severe amount of distress and rage all over the nation. 

The Indian Army has mentioned that this is a case of mistaken identity and they are dreadfully sorry about the event!

Incident In Nagaland Kills 14 Civilians  

The Indian Army has asked for an inquiry in the court for the incident in Nagaland. The event has sparked a notable amount of protest around the country because of gross misconduct of duty. The army has also apologized for the unfortunate turn of events. They have mentioned that security forces have suffered an immense amount of injury as well. 

Proper action will be taken against the people who have made this gross misconduct of action. This has started an international outrage against the Indian Army as well. It has been assured that the event will be investigated.

Condolences For The Bereaved

Condolences have been provided to the families who have lost their dear ones. It has been informed that many of the people who have lost their lives were the sole breadwinners of their families. Home Minister, Amit Shah has offered his sympathies to the families who have lost their dear ones. He has also promised that justice will be served for gross injustice which has been caused. 

The indiscriminate firing of the incident in Nagaland has caused the people from Human Rights to take severe action as well. The Indian Army is very reverend in the nation but these incidents will always be a dark turn in their reputation.

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What Is Your Reaction?

Did you hear about the incident in Nagaland? Do you think the families will receive justice in terms of the action taken by the Indian Army? Let us know in the comment section given below. 

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