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Indian Railways Rules Changed: New Rules And Regulations Issued By IRCTC

Indian railways rules changed | Trending Reader
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Earlier, after the ticket booking is confirmed, passengers might feel the need to change their boarding point. Now, to make things easy, the Indian Railways rules changed to allow the passengers to change their railroad station, even after the ticket booking is done. 

This brings us to many questions like, “ What are the rules to follow to change the boarding station?“, “Can train boarding point be changed if the ticket is booked through travel agents? “. Well, all your queries have been answered in the subsequent sections. Read more to find out! 

Indian Railways Rules Changed – Changes In Boarding Station Rules

Indian Railways rules | Trending Reader

Sometimes, it becomes very hectic to reach your train station that is quite far away from your home or hotel! Some people even run late and miss their train! 

So, to make things easier for railway passengers, the Indian Railways rules have been changed. According to the Indian Railways Catering And Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), now the passengers can change their train station hassle-free, within 24 hours of ticket booking! 

Rules To Follow While Changing The Railway Station

This section has mentioned some key points that the passengers must keep in mind while applying for changes in the boarding station. The Indian Railways rules must be strictly followed to avoid any penalty or payment of extra changes. 

  1. The passengers must keep in mind that once the train station has been changed, the passenger cannot board their train from the original station for which they have booked their tickets. If found so, a penalty will be charged. 
  2. Another rule that must be strictly followed is that if the passengers board a train from a different boarding point, without pre-informing the railway authority or changing the boarding station within 24 hours of ticket booking, they will be fined. Additionally, they will have to pay for the extra cost, if there is any, to board from a different boarding point. 
  3. Last but not least, changes can only be performed once. So, before stepping in and taking any decision, make sure that you are changing your station only once. No further changes will be entertained. 

Who Cannot Change Their Boarding Station? 

Not all passengers can change their boarding station. Only passengers who have booked their tickets online or have e-tickets are permitted to alter or change their boarding station. 

Passengers who have booked their tickets through travel agents or any other medium are not granted any permission to change their railroad station.

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Steps To Change The Train Station

In this section, we have mentioned all the steps to change the boarding station within 24 hours of ticket booking. 

Step 1: Log on to the IRCTC website,

Step 2: Type your login details. 

Step 3: Go to the “ Booking Ticket History “ option and then click on “ Change Boarding Point. “

Step 4: Now, choose the boarding station from where you would prefer to board the train. Click on the “ confirm” option. Keep in mind that you are allowed to change your boarding station only once. 

Step 5: In the last step, after you send the confirmation to the authority, you will receive a message from the authority about the alteration of your boarding point. 


After the Indian Railways rules changed, it will assist in making the train boarding process convenient for the passengers. We hope that this article will help you in making informed decisions about changing the train boarding station. 

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