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June Brings Hope For The Indians Through The Unlock Guidelines In Most States

unlock guidelines
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  • India sees a huge reduction in the number of new cases across the country and is now moving forward with proper unlock guidelines
  • This might lead to the curbing of the strict lockdown rules in some of the most affected states
  • Most of the leaders have agreed that continuous lockdown can lead to economic loss in the nation.

It is finally the new dawn for India as the cases across the country are reducing at a fast rate. It is quite hopeful for the nation which has just recovered from the lashes of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of the states had announced lockdowns in their respective affected areas during the second wave. As the amount of newly infected cases are reducing, there is a possibility that the lockdown-like curbs will be reduced in the states as well. This can now aid in curtailing the severe loss of economy in the country through the unlock guidelines.

States Which Had Introduced Lockdown

Most of the states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh have undergone lockdown with severe restrictions. As the conditions become better, it is expected that lockdowns will be completely removed under the unlock guidelines.

The state governments had stopped the non-essential services at the beginning of the lockdown. Slow reopening is being allowed in many states with these shops being opened for a short duration of time at night. There are night curfews, and the non-essential services are closed every weekend. There are severe restrictions on the number of guests at any of the familial or corporate gatherings. The cinema halls are also provided special restrictions that must be managed at all costs in each of these affected states.

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Unlock Guidelines For June In India

June might see a reopening in terms of essential and non-essential services. Delhi is the first one who has introduced the unlock guidelines for the entire lockdown lifting process. There are other states like Tamil Nadu and Gujarat that are trying to impose the same guidelines for their markets and shopping complexes. In most states, salons and gymnasiums are closed and will remain closed for the next few days unless the disease is brought under control.

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Do you think that the unlock guidelines have been helpful for people across the country? Or has it been just another measure to take away the daily bread of the Indians? Do you think that the unlock guidelines will lease a new infection wave in the nation? Let us know in the comments!

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[…] Also Read June Brings Hope For The Indians Through The Unlock Guidelines In Most States […]

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