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Kabul Mosque Blast Disrupts Taliban Victory Rally, Shaking Taliban

kabul mosque blast
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  • Taliban forces were supposed to carry out their victory rally on 3rd October
  • An explosion shook the entrance of a mosque in Kabul on the very same day
  • The Kabul mosque blast has shaken the very core of Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan crisis has only increased over time. The Taliban supporters and their senior figures had gathered for their first mass victory rally on 3rd October, Sunday. The group had gathered in order to showcase its victory and strength in Afghanistan. The show of strength was however overshadowed by a bomb blast in one of the mosques of Kabul. The Kabul mosque blast took place at the entrance of one of the mosques in the capital of Afghanistan. Five civilians lost their lives in this event. Qari Saeed Khosti, one of the ministry spokesmen of the Taliban has released the information about the death of the civilians in public.

The Memoirs Of An Eye-Witness

A Kabul resident who was an eyewitness of the event has mentioned that he had heard a loud sound in front of the mosque. He also saw that the people were running away. The cause of the explosion is thought to be a roadside bomb. Three people have been arrested so far. Bilal Karimi, the official spokesperson of the Taliban has released this information. He has also informed that an investigation was going on at the moment.

Kabul Mosque Blast Kills 5 Civilians

As for the moment, none of the governments from other countries have recognized the rule of the Taliban. Despite this non-acceptance, power is held quite strongly by these fundamentalist rulers. The Kabul mosque blast is one of the shows of violence which have become a common phenomenon in Afghanistan. Seven weeks after the Taliban has taken control, their power is only getting stronger.

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It seems that the people of Afghanistan are not quite happy with the rule of the Taliban. The Kabul mosque blast was particularly planned on the day on which the Taliban forces were supposed to carry out their victory rally. This might have been done in order to create a distraction for the Taliban forces. Further investigations will release the details of the explosions to the public.

What Might Have Been The Cause?

What do you think might have been the motive of the Kabul mosque blast? Do you think that the people of Kabul had organized it to disrupt the victory march of the Taliban? Whatever it might be, the event will always remain as a dent in the career of Taliban rulers.

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