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Killings In Nagaland Erupt AFSPA Repeal Protests In The Nation

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The central government has expressed its regret over the death of the 14 civilians in Nagaland by the hands of the Indian Army. The government has mentioned that they will look into the matter with importance and find out how the security operations managed to kill 14 coal labourers returning home in a pickup van.  This event has sparked the movement which had asked for AFSPA repeal in Nagaland. 

This law has been allowing the military forces to exercise their control over civilian life over a long time. This is said to have restored law and order in the Nagaland state. As we can see, the military forces are known to have made serious mistakes which have led to deaths.

Asking For AFSPA Repeal In The Nation

Union Minister Amit Shah has expressed his deepest condolences for the families who have lost their dear ones in the event. The AFSPA repeal in Nagaland has been one of the ways in which the local people have been resisting the continuous military encroachment over the civilian lifestyle. 

The event has already sparked a huge amount of protest throughout the nation about the unnecessary interference of the Indian Army in different parts of the nation. It is extremely distressing to know that the security operations have managed to kill 14 people just on the basis of suspicion and mistaken identity.

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Sacrilege Of Indian Army

It has been mentioned that six out of the eight occupants in the pickup van were killed in the firing issued at the very point. The Indian Army in turn has mentioned that they had fired the shots only because the car did not stop even after signalling. The Indian Army has always been revered in the nation for their services. But events like these indeed call out for the AFSPA repeal in Nagaland. The common people’s lives are being obstructed with this kind of laws.

Will It Work?

Protests have already erupted for the AFSPA repeal in the nation. Do you think that the law will be finally repealed in the nation? Let us know in the comment section given below!

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