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Lakhimpur Case – Congress Asking For The Dismissal Of Ajay Mishra

lakhimpur case
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  • Rahul Gandhi has asked for the dismissal of Union Minister Ajay Mishra.
  • The Union minister’s son has been accused of violence in the Lakhimpur case.
  • The President of India has promised to look into the matter with the government.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has urged the president of India to look into the issue of the Lakhimpur case as early as possible. He has taken up the demand of sacking the Union Minister whose son has been accused of mowing over the farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri. 

Congress delegation which is being led forward by Rahul Gandhi has taken up a meeting with Ram Nath Kovind to check the matter of the Union Minister who has been accused. The president of India has assured us that he will look into the matter and have a talk with the ruling government regarding this.

Accusations In The Lakhimpur Case

It had been accused that Ashish Mishra, the son of Union Minister of State for Home, Ajay Mishra had run over the farmers who were protesting at Lakhimpur Kheri. A spark of protest lit up in the nation as the news spread all over. Ashish Mishra has been arrested for the Lakhimpur Kheri case. It had been accused that he had been in one of the SUVs which had run over the farmers in Uttar Pradesh. The minister had claimed initially that his son was not present inside the car. However, the recent arrest in the Lakhimpur case speaks of a different story.

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The Action Of The Farmers

Eight people had lost their lives during this event. Out of this, four were farmers who were run down by the SUV. Two included BJP workers who had lost their lives in the violence which had commenced later. Another driver and a journalist had also lost their lives in the Lakhimpur case. Congress has been pressing for the dismissal of the Union Minister as it would help to include a fair probe into the matter. The demands of the families of victims have also resonated with this statement as well. On the other hand, the farmers have refused to allow any political figure on their prayer platform for the departed comrades.

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What Will Happen Next?

It is not quite clear yet what will be the outcome in the Lakhimpur case. The case is still in the hands of the state police. The Supreme Court has also mandated immediate action in this respect as well. We would have to wait and observe the final judgment on this matter. What is your opinion?

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