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Mini Delhi Lockdown Imposed To Avoid The Spread Of The Virus

mini delhi lockdown
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A mini Delhi lockdown has been announced in order to deal with the rise of cases upcoming in the national capital. The decision has been taken by the government of Arvind Kejriwal. The chief minister has informed that they do not have any option other than imposing a lockdown if they want to control the total rise of the cases around the city. 

There are restrictions that are placed on bars and restaurants in Delhi. It is expected that these measures will be able to reduce the total number of cases all around the nation.  There are some other kinds of business establishments that will be shut down for a while right now in Delhi.

Mini Delhi Lockdown Scares The Netizens

The mini Delhi lockdown has indicated that the government will be closing down everything if they think that the total number of cases is crossing the threshold. This has sent a threat of alarm among the common people who have their livelihood depends on their everyday work. m

This is very disappointing that the government has not yet found any kind of solution for the common people who are willing to avoid the lockdown processes. The vaccination drive is supposed to stop the spread of the pandemic. Despite the vaccination process going on in a full-fledged manner, the lockdowns have to be imposed.

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Schools And Colleges Closed Again

The closure of schools and colleges along with the other educational areas has also been announced. The Delhi lockdown is going to lead the nation in the same state of closure that it had been before. Each of these areas has led to some serious problems among the common people of India. 

Do you think that the Delhi lockdown was necessary this time? Could this have been dealt with in a different manner than usual? We are interested to know your views in the comment section given below. 

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