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Missing Person Report Filed Against Home Minister Amit Shah

Missing Person Report Filed Against Home Minister Amit Shah
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  • Missing person report filed against Amit Shah by NSUI general secretary 
  • The leader is absent during times of crisis
  • The current government questioned on lack of initiatives in the covid-19 situation. 

Leaders are supposed to lead us in times of crisis and difficult moments. There are times when the nation is struck with a calamity and the leader has to show the way out of this issue. It is not expected that a leader will run away from the face of danger. This theory has not worked against the home minister of India. A missing person’s report has been filed against Amit Shah because he has been seen to have made an appearance since the elections are over. 

Missing Person Report Filed By Nagesh Kariyappa

Nagesh Kariyappa is the general secretary of the National Students’ Union of India. This young man has stated last Wednesday that he has already filed a missing person report with the Delhi police department that the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah is missing. 

Failure of leaders

Nagesh Kariyappa has stated that till 2013, the Indians have seen their leaders take a stride forward to act as a shield for their citizens. According to him, since the Bharatiya Janata Party has come to power, the leaders have done nothing but escape from the actual situations which need help. The political dynamics have already changed and the prime minister is rarely seen to have addressed the nation. There has been some controversy about the prime minister not participating in any press conference. Now, in the face of the crisis, home minister Amit Shah seems to be missing from the Indian political scenario. Thus, a missing report was filed. 

Missing person report filed against Home Minister Amit Shah
Failure of leaders

NSUI has stated that in the situation of the covid-19 pandemic, swift action is required from the side of the government. The current government has not been able to provide enough security to the people of the country. Rather than addressing the nation with some of the best solutions for the situation, the leaders have hidden behind the curtain leaving all responsibilities on the citizens of India. 

Controversies Over Absence

Missing person report is just the cherry on the top in the chain of these ridiculous events. It has been seen that the BJP leaders are more enthusiastic about election rallies rather than relief work for the nation. Amidst the situation of coronavirus, it is expected that the leaders will rise to the occasion. 

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