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Morphed Image Of Sonia Gandhi Reaches Everywhere In Twitter

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  • A morphed image of Sonia Gandhi, the widow of Rajiv Gandhi, has been found on Twitter recently 
  • It is believed by many that Sonia Gandhi has not accepted Indian culture as her own 
  • The morphed image indicates that Mrs. Gandhi might be interested in transforming the Indian masses to Christianity. 

It seems that spreading unauthentic news has become quite a habit for some Indians. The practice of believing everything that comes through WhatsApp forwards is quite dangerous, but it has been seen quite prevalently in India. The same fate has met the life of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the widow of the ex-prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi. She was targeted by a group of online trolls instead of spreading Christianity in India due to her foreign background. 

The Viral Photo Of Sonia Gandhi

Recently, a photograph of Congress President Sonia Gandhi has been spread all across the nation via Twitter which shows that a bookshelf behind Mrs. Gandhi has a book entitled ‘How to convert India into a Christian Nation’. The bookshelf also contains a copy of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible quite conveniently to bring Sonia Gandhi to her feet. 

One of the Twitter users had first shared the image which was captioned as ‘Who reads all these books?’. The tweet was retweeted by more than 1000 people and collected over 2900 likes. The tweet has been deleted for now, but let’s go through the fact check over this particular image. 

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Fact Check On The Morphed Image Of Sonia Gandhi

The image of Sonia Gandhi that became so viral was from a video that was released in 2020 where she talked about unemployment and the lack of economic growth in Bihar. The bookshelf which is shown behind her had no books on that particular shelf. 

'What a shame': Twitterati react to fake photo showing Sonia Gandhi with 'How To Convert India Into Christian Nation' book

The image has been morphed, probably by someone who opposes the views of Sonia Gandhi and the Indian National Congress. The Holy Bible and the statue of Jesus Christ were morphed into the screenshot that was taken during this video. It is shameful to see how a senior politician like Mrs. Gandhi has been accused of “transforming” the masses of India.

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Disappointing News As Indians

By the time this was discovered, the tweet had already reached many people across the country. The age-old word against Sonia Gandhi came to light again when her opponents started to call her an “outsider” to Indian politics. It is extremely disappointing to see how low some people would fall to demean someone who has taken everything in her life to dedicate it towards Indian politics and commoners!

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