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Mumbai Man Lost During His Solo Trip To Azerbaijan

Solo Trip To Azerbaijan
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A solo trip to Azerbaijan might seem to be fun till you reach the fate of the Mumbai guy who is apparently lost in the terrains. It has come to notice that a young man, named Manikanth Kondaveeti, from Mumbai had been to Azerbaijan for a solo trip and he has been missing for two weeks. 

Manikanth Kondaveeti Missing During Solo Trip

The young man had left home on 26th April. He had been in contact with his parents till 12th May. He has not been answering since then and it has turned out to be a horrifying plight for his parents. It seems that the young man, Manikanth Kondaveeti who is just 28 years old will not be returning home very soon. 

Appeal Of The Younger Brother

The younger brother of the man has informed the plight of their family on Humans of Bombay. He has mentioned his close bond with his elder brother and how he has always been the responsible one in the family. He informed people about the solo trip to Azerbaijan and how he had planned to accompany his brother on the trip next time. 

It is indeed heartbreaking to hear him speak about these problems. The family is literally living a nightmare and there is no way in which they can get away from this pain. 

Hazards Of Solo Trip To Azerbaijan

It has been almost two weeks since this solo trip to Azerbaijan and Manikanth Kondaveeti has not responded yet. Images have been shared in several groups so that people are able to identify him in case of any accident. 

However, if times continue to flow in this manner without any progress in the case, it is probable that Manikanth Kondaveeti will not be found by any of the searching teams. The investigations must be faster so that it becomes easier to locate him in the mass. 

What Do You Think?

Will you be thinking of any solo trip to Azerbaijan after getting to know this? What do you think are the main hazards of these solo trips? Let us know your views in the comment section given below.

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