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Must-Know Things About The New iPhone 13 Cinematic Mode

Iphone 13 cinematic mode
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  • The brand new series of iPhone 13 is available now with a lot of features
  • There is a cinematic mode in the new iPhone 13 for video recording
  • The iPhone 13 Cinematic Mode is very useful in several ways.

The features of the iPhone always amaze us. After the iPhone 12, a new series of iPhone has been released. The new iPhone 13 series is here with multiple features and updates. The iPhone 13 by Apple has improved a lot in the camera section, compared to iPhone 12. Apple used entirely new cameras in iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. One such improvement has been made in the video section by adding a new mode known as the cinematic mode. This iPhone 13 Cinematic mode is available in all the models of the new iPhone 13 series. 

What Is The iPhone 13 Cinematic Mode? 

This camera feature can provide the dimensions of the depth of field in the video. It is quite similar to portrait mode. The ratio of this mode is 16:9 and maxes out in 1080p 30fps.

During the recording of a video, users can find a button on the top right where the aperture number will be visible. With this button, users can get either deeper or shallower depth in the video. Also, users can easily control the depth of the field according to the requirements. This makes the new iPhone 13 Cinematic Mode more unique and customizable.

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How Does It Work? 

When you start recording with the help of cinematic mode, the depth information along with the footage will be recorded for each frame. The new iPhone has an A15 bionic chip that provides high processing power. This chip is unavailable in the previous models of iPhone including the recent iPhone 12.

Is It Compatible With Mac? 

Yes, it is compatible with Mac. This cinematic mode uses Dolby vision HDR that is available in all three rear cameras on iPhone as well as on the front camera while recording. It is also compatible with iMovie and Final Cut Pro on Mac. This allows users to edit along with changing the depth of the field.

Final Thoughts About The New iPhone 13 Cinematic Mode

The mode can give users a new experience when it comes to recording videos. This new feature is customizable and highly useful. The new iPhone 13 can be a great choice for all those who are particularly interested in cameras and recording. The features in iPhone 13 are very new and unique as they are not available in any other previous model. The new iPhone series can be a great option for camera enthusiasts.

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