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Myths On Covid-19 Vaccines Busted

Covid-19 vaccines
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India is all ready to receive the third phase of vaccination, and there have been many types of information that might or might not be correct. We are here to bust some of the rumors flying around for the last few days about the timing and requirements of the Covid-19 vaccines. Let us get to know all of them and find for ourselves if they are true or not.

1. No Covid-19 Vaccines If You Are On Period

Many rumors have been spreading on the social media platform that girls must take their vaccine shot five days before their period because their immunity might be low once their menstrual cycle has begun. The experts across the country have already provided apt information in this case. You can take the vaccine regardless of the fact whether you are having your period or not.

Covid-19 Vaccines

2. Causing Infertility And Miscarriage

This information has also been spreading over the social media platform that pregnant women cannot take the Covid-19 vaccine as it may cause miscarriage or infertility. You should talk to your doctor before taking your vaccine if you are pregnant. Every pregnancy is different, and we cannot vouch for the safety of each. But your doctor can! As for him or her before getting vaccinated.

3. If You Have Had Covid, You Do Not Need The Vaccine

There is no concrete answer regarding the working of the Covid 19 virus. Some of the strains are affecting the individuals even after they have been affected by the virus. There are concerns about the fact whether natural immunity will be able to protect you from the disease again or not. There are different variants, and it is not quite plausible that you will never get the disease again, even with several vaccine trials. Get your vaccine now!

4. After Vaccination, You Do Not Need Masks

It is one of the stupid rumors that has been going on. You cannot stop wearing the mask because you can still be a carrier after getting the vaccine. If you stop wearing the mask, someone else may be infected by the virus you have been carrying. Mask wearing and social distancing norms must be maintained even if you are vaccinated with your entire family.

Myths Busted

5. Vaccines Give You Covid For Sometime

None of the vaccines which have been developed will give you covid. You might experience some light Covid-19 symptoms because the inactivated form of the virus is often injected into your body by these vaccines. The experts have stated that it is common to get the symptoms because your body is creating antibodies against the inactivated virus.

6. The Vaccine Does Not Work

No vaccine provides 100% protection, but it reduces the chances of contracting the more acute form of the disease. It is essential to build your immunity against the disease.

Thus, we have busted these myths for you. Do not believe the information that is spreading over social media or rather WhatsApp University. Trust the expert’s opinions and the authentic articles on the Covid-19 vaccine. 

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