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NDTV Private Network Declared The Most Trusted Media Unit Of India

Ndtv most trusted network
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  • NDTV Private Network is considered the most trusted network in India
  • Oxford University in collaboration with Reuter University conducted research on this issue
  • NDTV Private Network is far ahead of its contemporaries like Zee, Aajtak, et cetera.

Media is often considered to be the fourth pillar of democracy in any nation. There are times when it is up to the media houses to bring forward the truth behind some horrifying events throughout the nation. However, with the changing times, the media houses in India have leaned towards corruption and a failure to use their power to bring forward unbiased and authentic news. Some channels have been able to avoid this downfall of standards. 

NDTV Private Network is trusted to be one of the best sources for authentic Indian news. According to some studies, 76% of the trusted information is often obtained with the help of NDTV. The organization continues to uphold the standards of journalism in the times of yellow journalism within the country.

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Research On NDTV Private Network

A study had been organized in Oxford University and the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. They have come to the conclusion that NDTV Private Network is the most trusted private network in India. This has been measured through several indices. The channel tends to provide news without any kind of bias. The media house never falls short while questioning the true intent of the ruling parties in several states, and of course, the central government as well.

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Actual Role Of Media

The role of the media is to present unbiased news in front of the audience so that they know the events happening around the world and in their own country. The nations which have authoritarian rules do not have any scope for channels like NDTV. The government in these countries strictly monitors the kind of news they want the people to know. India being a democratic power has often depended on media houses to let the people know the actual details of various incidents. However, recently there has been a fall in the standards of channels like Republic TV, Zee, Aajtak, and Times Now. NDTV Private Network is far ahead of these channels in terms of the portrayal of unbiased news.

What do you think about the standards of journalism upheld by NDTV Private Network? Do you think that the study revealed the true state of journalism in India? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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