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Next Presidential Election Polls To Be Held On 18 July – Election Commission

next presidential election
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The tenure of President Ram Nath Kovind will come to an end on 24th July, and according to article 62 of the Constitution, the next 2022 presidential elections should be organised before the functionary’s term ends. This article will give you an insight into when is the next presidential election while covering everything you need to know about the next presidential election polls. 

When Is The Next Presidential Election? 

According to reports, the official tenure of Ram Nath Kovind as the President of India will see an end on 24th July 2022. So, the question is, when is the next presidential election going to be held? 

To elect the New President of India, the Election Commission has declared the upcoming presidential election polls to be organised on 18th July 2022, following which the counting will be held on the 21st of the same month. In the words of EC, “The counting of votes will be held in New Delhi under the supervision of the Returning Officer. On completion of counting, a Return of Election will be issued by the Returning Officer. “

The Election Procedure Of The 2022 Presidential Elections

According to the rules, the President is to be elected by the members of the  Electoral College which consists of electors from both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. Additionally, the elected members of the Legislative Assemblies of all states, including the National Capital Territory of Delhi and Union Territory of Puducherry. 

The upcoming 16th presidential election polls will not include the MLAs of UT and JK. Now, coming to the voting process of the 2022 presidential elections, the elector should mark his/her first preference mandatorily, while marking their second or following choices are optional. The winning candidate needs at least 50 members of the electoral college to vote against him, and another 50 of them to prefer him as their second choice. 

The members of the electoral college of the 2022 presidential elections would consist of 4809 members, making the total value of votes to be 10,86,431. For the Members of Parliament or MPs, the election will be organised at the Parliament House. On the other hand, State Assemblies will host the votes for the upcoming presidential election polls for members of the Legislative assemblies or MLAs. 

Presidential Election Polls Schedule

In view of the presidential election polls 2022, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar quoted, The ECI has fixed the schedule for the election of the office of the President of India. The notification for the election will be issued on June 15, the last date for nomination is scheduled for June 29, while the polls to be held on July 18. 

The counting of the votes, if needed, shall be done on July 21”. He also added that those members in preventive detention are allowed to cast a vote, but those in jail will only be allowed if they get parole. 

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