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Omicron In Delhi – Causing Severe Concern Among Experts

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The omicron variant of coronavirus has already caused a huge amount of concern all around the world. There has been rising concern whether any omicron in Delhi has been found. As the information has been gained from reliable sources, it is suspected that patients who are suffering from the omicron variant have been admitted to one of the hospitals in Delhi. 

All of the patients who have been admitted till now have travelled from the foreign countries. Two of them have already tested positive for the virus. It has to be seen whether it is the omicron variant or not. 

Omicron In Delhi Among Foreigners

The variant of omicron in Delhi can indicate several things. It can mean that the people who are in the national capital have already been exposed to the variant and it might spread throughout the nation quite quickly. 

Genome sequencing has to be done quickly in order to ensure the type of variant which has affected the population negatively. Both of the patients who have been admitted till now are not the residents of the country. They were both double vaccinated and it had been mentioned that they had carried negative reports for the virus when they had entered India. 

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Sample Sent For Genome Sequencing

The report of omicron in India is very concerning. There is a very strong chance that the condition of last year will be returning again. Some other specimens have been collected as well. It has to be seen whether this has the same effect as the pandemic like before or not. 

Do you think that the varinat has the same power as the pandemic which had bene caused last year? Do you think that the omicron in Delhi indicated towards a dark future? We are interested to know your views on this matter in the comment section given below. 

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