Parag Agrawal Replaces Jack Dorsey As CEO Of Twitter

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Jack Dorsey had been the founder and CEO of Twitter for the last 16 years. He has finally stepped down from his post. He has served this social media giant for the last 16 years and the board has decided that there is a need for a new face in the company. 

As a result, they have chosen Parag Agrawal as the successor of Jack Dorsey as the CEO of Twitter. This is indeed a very proud moment for India as most of the CEOs from the large social media companies consist of Indians. 

Expected Resignation Of Jack Dorsey

It was expected that Jack Dorsey would resign from his post in the year 2015. He had announced that being the founder and the CEO of the same company is not an easy feat. The process took up a huge part of his time. He had also mentioned that he will remain on the board till 2022 in order to make the transition of Parag Agrawal smooth. 

Dorsey has mentioned quite bravely that he believes that the company is now finally ready to move from the supervision of the founding members. This has indeed been a great ride for Jack Dorsey in the social media world. 

Praising Parag Agrawal As An Employee

Jack Dorsey, 45 years old has mentioned that he has complete faith in Parag Aggarwal who had been serving the company since 2011. Parag Agrawal had been appointed as the CTO in 2017. The founder has placed complete faith in Parag Agrawal and had mentioned that he had been a model employee who can carry forward the ideas which are related to Twitter over the next few years as well. 

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Dorsey has mentioned that he is glad and relieved that he has an employee like Parag Agrawal. He has appreciated the heart and soul of Agrawal and hopes that he will lead the company well. 

How Will It Work?

Do you think that Parag Agrawal will be able to carry forward the legacy that has been set by Jack Dorsey as the CEO of Twitter? What might be some of the initial changes that he makes? Let us know in the comment section given below!

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