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Pfizer Vaccine Doses Have Proven To Be Less Effective Towards Omicron Variant

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Pfizer has been one of the leading names which have protected the nations against the virus through their effective vaccination doses. It has been proved that the Pfizer vaccine doses can provide about 70% efficacy against hospitalization. The omicron variant has ascended in South Africa and it has been proven that the weaker efficacy of these vaccines can be observed even in the presence of vaccination. 

A study has been released by one of the leading private health organizations in the world. The 211,000 positive cases which have been found in South Africa have proven that the vaccine might not be effective against the virus completely.

Pfizer Vaccine Doses In South Africa

The cases which have been found in South Africa have almost 78,000 due to the Omicron variant. The study has not been able to find any kind of conclusive findings on the effects of the Pfizer vaccine doses. The virus variant has been reported in more than 60 countries and the vaccination measures are not yet proving to be quite useful against it. 

Deaths have occurred in Great Britain due to the new variant as well. Although the vaccines have provided some kind of protection against the previous variants, the omicron variant is proving to be quite harmful.

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Rising Of Cases In South Africa

It has been mentioned in the study that almost 78% of the samples which have been collected in South Africa have the genome sequencing of the omicron variant. This is more than the Delta variant which had also been evolving recently. 

If the Pfizer vaccine doses are not able to provide protection against the disease, it is possible that there will be another outbreak of the disease all over the world. Severe travel restrictions have been placed in South Africa and it has been stated that the countries will take maximum protection in order to avoid the spread.

Is It A Dark Future For Us?

Do you think that the lack of Pfizer vaccine doses efficacy is indicating something dark and scary beneath the surface? Do you think that the virus will be able to resurface again? Let us know in the comment section given below.

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