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Prime Minister Narendra Modi And His Controversies

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  • Our current PM Narendra Modi has many controversies in his political career
  • He is said to have committed several dark acts to get into power
  • The media spotlight never leaves PM Modi.

Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat in 2001, but he seems to have gained immense coverage from the press and social media. Controversies and praises never seem to leave his back, and the mainstream media is almost in a frenzy about his acts. The scrutiny only increased when he became the Prime Minister in 2014. Let us check out some controversies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

1. Super Chief Minister

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was never the favorite of the higher officials in Gujarat when he began his political career. He usurped the powers of the organization to get the seat of the CM, and this too came with a controversy of its own. He had extended his support to Sukh Ram, a man whose residence bore Rs. 3.6 crore in cash. People believe that Sukh Ram helped him to seize power in Gujarat. 

2. Gujarat Riots

Narendra Modi’s most controversial incident seems to be the Gujarat riots. People believed him to be the mastermind behind these plans, and his entire career had changed its course after this event. He failed to protect Ehsan Jafri, a Congress leader murdered in the riots. Sanjiv Bhatt, an IPS officer, is alleged to have helped him organize a meeting where Hindus could speak about their rage. Haren Pandya was murdered soon after, which called out for political assassination. Ishrat Jahan’s case was also supposed to be a case of fake encounters under the Modi regime in Gujarat.

3. Personal Relations

His closest confidant seems to be Amit Shah, who has another trail of controversies behind him. Shah got arrested for Sohrabuddin Sheikh Encounter in Gujarat. Still, he became the spokesperson and Home Minister under BJP rule in India. Modi himself was a victim of child marriage. Jashodaben, his wife, is living alone now, and social media seems to crop up this issue now and then. Narendra Modi news called Sunanda Pushkar a 50 crore girlfriend of Shashi Tharoor, and Twitter had a field day over it. Modi was initially banned from entering the US under the provision of the immigration act. It was lifted when he became the prime minister.

4. Showing Off

One of the biggest controversies Modi faced during his political career is being called a “Show Off”. Modi said that he would cry if a puppy gets hit by a car leading to #Puppygate on Twitter. He keeps hiding the malnutrition figure of Gujarat. He is called a “Feku” by his opponents because of his nature to exaggerate. Even Barack Obama rebuked the type of politics run by Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi stadium did not spare him controversies as well.

narendra modi
Narendra Modi

5. Spending A Lot

Narendra Modi has always been accused of being a spendthrift, even when the country was in economic distress. There are rumors of him sporting a Louis Vuitton shawl and a suit of Rs. 20 Lakhs. There have been many foreign trips during his time as a Prime Minister. This raised many’s eyes as well.

People Talk

Controversies never leave the back of a politician. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was never an exception to this. His followers often agree that he is the one who provides such publicity for India. After all, no publicity is bad publicity. 

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