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Protest Against Bank Privatisation Erupt At The End Of November

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Indian politics has always seen the rise of nationalizing different aspects of the industry in order to make it more available for the common people of the nation. There are several measures that had already been taken care of in the past in order to make sure that the national assets are easily available for the people of the nation. However, in the present government which is led forward by Narendra Modi under BJP, a strange change of events has been observed. It has been found that there has been a tendency to get into the phase of privatization. As a result, a nationwide protest against the privatization of national property has already begun. It is to be seen whether this measure will be removed by the government or not. 

Statement In The Nationwide Protest Against Privatisation

Stakeholders from different banks and other public sector offices have joined in the nationwide protest against privatisation as well. They have gathered in front of the Jantar Mantar in order to authenticate their stand over the privatisation of different sectors. This has been one of the events in which the All India Bank Officers’ Confederation (AIBOC) has also made a statement about this kind of measure. They have mentioned that if the government turns tables on the regular bankers and continues to pass the bill on the privatisation of banking sectors, they will be getting on the streets to carry out their protest. 

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People Against Government

In a strange turn of events, it has been seen that the government has been trying to introduce measures that are not quite favored by the people of the nation. The same had been observed in the case of the farm bills. It had been said that the bills are to improve the agricultural condition of the nation but the farmers remained in their stand against the laws. 

The same has been observed in the nationwide protest against the privatisation of banking sectors. Do you think that it is proof that the central government is taking measures that might not be acceptable for the common people? Let us know your views in the comment section below!

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