Purvanchal Expressway Will Be A New Medium Of Communication In UP

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Uttar Pradesh has always received the better ends of the deals which have been made by the present government. Recently, Narendra Modi has informed that the 340 km Purvanchal Expressway will be functional in the state in order to help the people who have suffered during the previous rule. The expressway has been built with the cost of 22,500 core INR and it is supposed to improve the mode of communication in Uttar Pradesh for the people who have been living in poverty for a long time. 

PM Narendra Modi has informed that the expressway will be built in order to aid the people who have been punished during the rule of other governments. This will be a redemption for the people of Uttar Pradesh! While, on the other hand, SP leader Akhilesh Yadav, claims that this project had been already started at the time when the SP government was ruling UP.

Narendra Modi Announces The Inauguration Of The Purvanchal Expressway

PM Narendra Modi has informed that when he had laid the foundation of the Purvanchal Expressway almost three years ago, he had never expected that the plan would come to success so soon. He has sincerely hoped that the people in the state will be benefited from this scheme to a major extent. The communication system of the state will be enhanced in this manner.

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He has mentioned that he has never imagined that he will be landing in the area on an aircraft so easily. The highway is bound to help the poor and middle-class families of the farmers and traders in the area.

The Facility Of The Airstrip

The airstrip which has been constructed on the Purvanchal Expressway will allow the emergency landing of the aircraft which are used for defense purposes. The state capital, Lucknow has been linked with Ghazipur with the help of this expressway. 

The prime minister is supposed to witness the inauguration of the expressway with an air show by different aircraft of India. It is indeed a very proud moment for the state.

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Building The Expressway!

The Purvanchal Expressway has been built with the efforts of the state and central government with perfect efforts. The design is ought to bring at least some kind of improvement in the present condition of Uttar Pradesh traveling. Do you agree with this thought? Let us know in the comment section given below!

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