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Rally In Pakistan Disrupted With Hand Grenade Explosion, 3 Dead

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Highlights :

  • An explosion during a rally in Pakistan killed three people.
  • The explosion was caused by a hand grenade thrown at the procession.
  • The government suspects terrorist activity in this case.

A very strong explosion hit the rally conducted by the Shiite Muslims in Pakistan. 3 people were killed in the process and 59 others were injured. The local police have informed that a seven-year-old girl was among the casualties in this explosion. The condition of the people who have been injured is very critical at the moment. They are being treated at the Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital. The explosion took place in the Bahawalpur area of the eastern province of Pakistan. This city is quite conservative in its views.

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Throwing Hand Grenade At Shia Procession

It has been reported that the Shia procession was taking place in the celebration of the annual Ashura commemoration. The rally was moving towards an Imambargah. The entire commemoration is organized to mourn the death of the Prophet’s grandson, Hussein. He is one of the most beloved saints of the Shia Muslims.

The government has mentioned that the rally had over 500 people, including children. The explosion was caused by a hand grenade thrown into the procession by an unidentified man. The government suspects that this has been a terrorist activity in order to scare the Shia Muslims.

Most of the people who have been injured are young men. The government has also informed that the terrorist attack might be sectariansecretarial in nature. The anti-Shia terrorist groups never leave any opportunity to harm the minority Shia Muslims. Moreover, what better way for the terrorists to harm a group of Shia people than in one of their rallies?

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Major Rise In Terrorism

There has been a stark rise in the number of terrorist acts throughout the world. It is very concerning as a vast number of people are adversely affected by such heartless acts in the name of religion. Most nations are trying to limit the damages which are caused by such terrorist groups.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about this attack on the Shia people in Pakistan? Do you think that the terrorist groups are behind it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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