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Reasons Why Children Are Getting infected With Covid During 3rd Wave

children are getting infected
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With an R-value of over 10 spanning the globe, the Omicron variant of Covid has come at par with measles which is a contagious and highly transmissible disease that prevails among children. This is the reason why children are getting infected with Covid-19 during the 3rd wave, reported Rakesh Lodha, AIIMS doctor.

Children Are Getting Infected By Covid-19’s 3rd Wave

In the first two waves of Covid-19, children were the least affected. More so the elderly with comorbidities and adults were affected. Now more of the children are getting infected by the third wave of Covid, as it is driven by the dangerous Omicron variant which has come close to measles, a disease that affects children. 

During this wave more children are getting infected, this is due to the more contagious nature of the Omicron variant, as stated by AIIMS doctor Rakesh Lodha. Omicron has come at power to measles with an R-value of around 10 globally. Omicron, being highly contagious and easily transmissible, children are at a higher risk during the third wave of Covid. It comes close to measles which is rampant in children and hence imposes a threat to them. Also, there are concerns relating to the severity of this in children and how will it impact them.

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Key Factors To Know About Infection Among Children

1. Mild symptoms of Covid-19: Fever, cough, diarrhea, sore throat.

2. Treatment: Home isolation, adequate nutritious food, and hydration, warm salt water gargling, paracetamol dose.

3. Alarming signs: Difficulty in breathing, chest pain, inability to drink liquids, blue face and lips.

4. Moderate symptoms: Rapid shallow breathing, oxygen level between 90-94 percent.

5. Severe symptoms: Oxygen level below 90 percent and septic shock.

6. Treatment: Admit to a covid-19 hospital or center for medical care and treatment.

As cases rise, children may be asymptomatic, mildly symptomatic, moderately symptomatic, or severely symptomatic. Asymptomatic ones can be identified while screening. Symptoms like cough, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain are signs to watch out for. 

Taking Precautions

Serious illnesses are seen lesser in children as they don’t have comorbidities like adults. Parents are advised to wear masks, sanitize and maintain social distancing. Make children wear masks, avoid mass gatherings. A child must be tested if symptoms of Covid are exhibited or if the child has had a fever for over 3 days.


The Covid-19 pandemic has emerged as a severe health crisis affecting a large number of people all around the world. It is believed that the third wave of Covid will affect more among the children. However, this wave will be for a short duration and will end in no time. Taking proper precautions can aid us as well as others.

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