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Rebel Forces Kill 40 Taliban Fighters During Afghanistan Crisis

Taliban Fighters
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Ever since the Taliban forces have taken over Afghanistan, there have been some severe protests by the civilians. The Islamic fundamentalists are not supported by the educated Afghans. Most of them have risen in revolt against the rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan. It has been informed that several people have been killed in these protests as well. The Afghanistan crisis is getting worse as time passes.

Death Of Taliban Fighters

According to the news which has been received from the rocky terrains of Afghanistan, a voice of resistance is rising very rapidly. These people have already rescued others from three districts. There has been news about the death of almost 40 Taliban fighters at the hands of these rebels.

It seems that Afghans are not ready to surrender to the fundamentalist rule of the Taliban anymore. However, the increasing number of deaths is only shedding light on the severity of the crisis.

Increasing Severity Of The Taliban Crisis

Undoubtedly, the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan is the worst possible news of this era. They have already enforced rules for women’s employment and curfews. According to the new laws in Afghanistan, people cannot leave their houses after 9 pm at night. This can be excused only when people are facing some kind of emergency.

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What Do You Think?

What do you think about the Afghanistan crisis? Do you think that the state will require another intervention from the higher powers of the globe? Or is it time for the Afghans to take their fate into their own hands? Let us know your views in the comment section. 

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