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Reduction In Petrol Diesel Prices In the Certain States Across The Nation

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The petrol diesel prices have been reduced in many of the states across the nation. The states have announced a reduction in the Value Added Taxes after the central government had decided to slash excise duty on the prices of the fuel. This trend has been mostly observed in the states which are ruled by BJP. 

The reduction in the two types of taxes has allowed the people of the nation to breathe in peace after a long time. The huge rise in the total price of petrol and diesel had caused severe issues in the middle-class families of the nation.

Experts’ Opinion On Petrol Diesel Prices

Some of the experts have stated that the petrol-diesel prices will undergo a huge amount of rise immediately after this ruse. The global index of the oil prices will not allow such a steep fall in the prices. They have also warned the people of India to be prepared for huge rises in the near future. 

The cuts which are made for now might come across as a relief but there is a strong possibility that the prices will rise higher than before in the upcoming days without any kind of premonition. Along with the states, Union Territories have also reduced their prices of petrol and diesel.

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Sigh Of Relief for Indians

The petrol diesel prices are nowhere near affordable even now but it is better than what it was a few months ago. Some of the cities like Bengaluru and Gurgaon have enjoyed low prices after the removal of VAT. However, most of the cities still have the prices of petrol above 100 INR per litre. If the prices are not reduced soon, there will be a fall in the economic conditions of the nation to a higher scale. The government of India might not be prepared to deal with such a huge loss at the moment!

What is Your Opinion?

Do you think that there will be a rise in petrol-diesel prices? Let us know your opinion in the comment section given below!

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