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Reliance Stocks Might Undergo Re-rating Very Soon

Reliance stocks
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  • A new investment venture may lead to re-rating of the Reliance stocks in the market
  • The Reliance group might be introducing the 5G technology for JIO very soon
  • The company is focusing on green production technology for rearranging stocks.

The business of Reliance has been booming in India unlike any company in history. It is almost like the future market changes are already known to the business giant Mukesh Ambani, whose ventures turn out to be successful even in the time of the pandemic. The company has announced very recently at the 44th AGM that it is planning to invest substantially in new ventures. This is bound to cause a re-rating of Reliance stocks and all the Reliance assets. This is a matter of concern for anyone who has taken up business with the Reliance group over the past few years.

Pattern Of Reliance Stocks In Any Project

Reliance conglomerate has been in business for a long period of time and all its large projects are often executed quite successfully. The most common pattern of business which is followed by Reliance is to invest in a large project which is bound to be very successful. The company, after making profits from this large project, invests the amount in the growth engines in other profitable areas. As a result, the business grows. The entire principle of the Reliance group is to increase the supply as per the increase in the demand of the people.

JIO is one of the largest players in the telecom market. The entire project was launched by Reliance by keeping the idea of 4G and digital India in mind. The next aim of JIO is to introduce a 5G network. The entire venture is inviting a good amount of cash at the moment. It is quite clear that Mukesh Ambani had thought this plan through when he was designing the entire project. The Reliance stocks were affected after the launching of JIO as well.

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Leaning Towards Green Technology

The next big step which might change the stock positions of Reliance is the use of green technology. This is one of the domains which have been focused on by Reliance at the moment to attract millennial customers towards their organization.

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What do you think about the re-rating of the Reliance stocks? Will it help the traders who are already in business with them? Let us know about your views in the comment section given below!

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